Whether you’re a start-up, a small company or a large business, the advantages of a virtual office are very appealing. This is especially true when your business requires flexible work hours. Virtual offices provide the opportunity for you or your employees to work whenever you like from wherever you are, which cuts down (or eliminates) commute time, increases productivity and curbs your turnover rate.

Not only do virtual offices allow for high accessibility and low technology costs, they address an issue that all business owners face – saving money on rent! When renting office space isn’t financially feasible, virtual offices provide low overhead costs, with no lease to pay.

What is a virtual office space and how does it work?

A virtual office space provides your business with a professional address and complete access to all the benefits of a physical office without having to pay rent. The ‘virtual’ element literally means you can benefit from all the essentials, at a fraction of the cost of leasing a traditional office. This is particularly good news if you’re trying to keep expenses to a minimum or to to keep your options open for future employees.

So, other than keeping your costs down, what are the key benefits of Virtual Office space?

  1. You get a corporate mailing address and robust phone services. Having a physical business address can be used on all of your correspondence, and it helps to build trust with both your customers and possible lenders. Most virtual office companies also have mail collection and forwarding available. Almost as important, if not more so, is having a local business phone number. Most companies will also offer fax and voicemail services, and a professional receptionist to handle your phone calls.
  1. You have access to administrative staff and dedicated meeting rooms. Apart from the mail and the phone calls, you have access to an administrative staff available to help you get your work done. And if you need actual meeting space to meet with clients or customers, you have the option of utilizing physical and professionally appointed meeting rooms.
  1. Flexibility and productivity increase without spending more. Flexibility is becoming more and more important for employees today – people want to be able to work effectively without sacrificing personal time. Also, when you open up your business to this type of availability, you open the door to more and different types of talent, which can easily increase productivity. When you have the right employees working smarter and more efficiently, you have happy employees and a lower turnover rate.
  1. You save money! Whether you’re thinking about technology, commuting, rent or future investment, a virtual office saves your money across the board, and saving money is key to having a productive, successful business that lasts.

Virtual offices aren’t for everyone – the concept is definitely considered progressive in more traditional business circles, and there are challenges to any kind of change. But if you’re ready to have more options available to you and your employees without the extra cost, a virtual office space may be the perfect solution!

If you’re in or near the Huntsville, AL area, and a virtual office is what you want, Huntsville Hub is the place for you! We can provide all of the services you need to make the most of a virtual office space at a price you can afford.