Flexible Meeting Space

Flexibility is the keyword at the Huntsville Hub. When you just need a few hours of quiet to get your work done, the Huntsville Hub has you covered. If you’re making use of some free hours, just passing through, or just need some quiet air every once in a while, the Flexible Meeting Space is what you want. 

The Flexible Meeting Space at the Huntsville Hub allows you to come and go as you need, without any contracts or minimum plan requirements. You simply pay for the room for whatever time you want to rent. No monthly fees or contracts to sign. 

Just what you need whenever you need it. 

Call or schedule a visit to get the space you need at the Huntsville Hub

Love the Huntsville Hub! It’s so easy and affordable to rent an office or conference room for as few or as many hours as you need one. No need to break the bank paying for overhead! Give them a call and they’ll get you set up. It’s a cinch!

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