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hub-loungeSometimes all your work needs is a little change of scenery. Maybe you can’t dedicate 40 hours a week to your small business yet, but you need a place where you can get some ideas down on paper and make those ideas happen. Or brainstorm with a business partner. Or make phone calls without the distractions of your normal working space.

The Coworking space at Huntsville Hub can make that happen. 

The Huntsville Hub’s coworking space is a four-room suite with a casual atmosphere where you can come during anytime regular business hours. The suite has a variety of desks and chairs available for whatever environment you need to make your ideas happen, including couches, high bar tables, and regular desks. 

Your Huntsville Hub Coworking space pass offers versatility to focus on your work, meet with team members, and make new connections with those around you. 

Coworking Space packages range from day passes to unlimited access passes. Passes are purchased by the month. 

Call or schedule a visit to learn more about the Coworking Space passes at the Huntsville Hub.

Why join a shared workspace?

  • Flexibilty to upsize or downsize as your business needs change
  • A professional environment in which to meet your clients or team members
  • Increased productivity
    More effective collaboration
  • More authentic networking
  • Access to a variety of professionals that can provide services to your business
  • Reduced loneliness which can lead to reduced stress

    Best Work Environment and Best Coffee in town!!!

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