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Love the Huntsville Hub! It’s so easy and affordable to rent an office or conference room for as few or as many hours as you need one. No need to break the bank paying for overhead! Give them a call and they’ll get you set up. It’s a cinch!

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Maybe you’ve mastered the online marketplace and don’t actually need a desk or an office every day. Maybe you just need a place to meet your clients that’s not in your living room or a coffeeshop. 

If what you need is a professional image, a place for meeting clients or videoconferencing, and an address for sending and receiving packages, the Huntsville Hub has exactly what you need. 

Virtual Offices at Huntsville Hub provides a prestigious business address, telephone and support services, administrative staff, conference rooms, and office facilities to individuals and companies who do not need a full-time office. 

Many clients who use the Huntsville Hub as once-in-a-while offices are professionals who work from home, business travelers to Huntsville, Redstone Arsenal and NASA, and even grassroots organizations in the start-up stage. 

Our virtual office clients have access to:

  • A prestigious business address
  • Mail collection and forwarding
  • Ready-to-use offices and meeting rooms
  • On-demand administrative staff 
  • Incoming and outgoing faxes
  • A local business phone number
  • Personalized call answering
  • Call redirecting
  • Voice mailbox 
  • Upscale lobby and reception area
  • Kitchens with complimentary beverages and vending machines
  • High-speed Internet

If you’re currently running your business out of your living room, your car, or your cell phone, but don’t need full-time office space, consider the Huntsville Hub. We will work to meet your office needs without the hassle and high cost of long-term office contracts. Packages range from 16 hours a month to 40 hours a month, and you can choose how many hours and months you purchase at a time. 

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