tbtpicBack in the day, private offices were a symbol of rank and privilege. Then there was a recession, and several corporate companies were hit hard. As the nation’s economy recovers, office-furniture makers, affected by the recession, started racking up sales by persuading companies that newer office layouts can encourage collaboration and, in some cases, shrink their space requirements and costs. In the decades that followed, cubicles became ubiquitous.
In recent years, as electronic communications supplanted paper and flat-screen monitors and laptops replaced unwieldy desktops, businesses found that workers were left with unused space. Some of them also were feeling isolated. Younger workers were accustomed to using wireless devices in settings like coffee shops, where they could move around and chat, rather than being tethered to workstations.
Welcome to the evolution of the office. Although you might be comfortable working from your tiny apartment kitchen, it’s hardly a place that you’d like to invite clients. At the Huntsville hub we offer access to conference rooms, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings. Instead of dragging yourself to after-work networking events with speakers, or conferences; you could meet dozens of people with interesting projects by simply working alongside them during the day. We also host various events and seminars that appeal to our clients.
As the premier location for office space in Huntsville, Alabama, we welcome you to the Huntsville Hub. Whether you need a month-to-month solution for professional office space or a virtual office backed by receptionists and a prestigious address where you can meet clients and conduct your business, we’re here to enhance your professional presence. We look forward to serving you.
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