We all know that, especially in today’s business culture, there is an extremely high level of importance placed on productivity. We all need to get things done, do them well and do them efficiently, and having the right business software can make all the difference! Before you can decide what kind of software is needed, though, you need to ask yourself – what makes your company or your employees less productive? Once you’ve determined the problems, you can then find the solutions!

Your employees are the heart of your business, and their productivity—or lack thereof—directly affects your bottom line. Understanding what helps and hinders their productivity is paramount to your success. Here’s a list of the top 6 productivity problems in the workplace today and what type of software can help:

Poor Management

If you were to survey the top 10 companies in the country to ask what the main issue that hinders workplace productivity may be, disillusionment with management would definitely be at the top. Having ineffective leaders impacts employee productivity, and ultimately, your business outcome. When managers cannot articulate the business goals correctly, it leads to confusion and disengagement, and productivity will decrease exponentially.

How can software help? Leadership development software abounds in today’s culture. Once you determine what kind of leaders you need for your business, you can find specific types of software tailored to help and encourage your leaders to be their best.

Outdated Performance Appraisal procedures

This may seem trivial to some, but if your managers don’t have an accurate picture of their employee’s performance, how are they supposed to fix performance problems? Most businesses professionals are used to a yearly performance review procedure, but more and more companies are moving away from this outdated process – studies have shown that this process actually creates a more stressful work environment! In today’s rapidly changing work environment, employees need feedback more than once a year.

How can software help? There are many different performance management options out there today, each with their pros and cons. When you determine what is required to evaluate the performance of your employees, you can then find the best performance management software for your needs.

Lack of Training

You have great management, a great product and great employees – so why is productivity still so low? It’s probably because your company could stand to upgrade the training available to your people. A better-trained workforce is one that’s going to make fewer mistakes and offer an improved output.

How can software help? This may be an area where designing specific software is needed for your company in order to train your employees better. There are numerous websites where you can go to create the best program for your type of business. For example, a site like WalkMe.com can help you create step-by-step programs designed specifically for your employees.

Poor Communication

When considering issues in the workplace, poor communication being at the top of the list should come as no surprise. Effective communication is necessary to keep your employees motivated and informed, unfortunately, every company eventually goes through some type internal communications breakdown.

How can software help? One of the best ways to improve internal communication throughout your company is to employ a social intranet software program – an internal communication and collaboration hub where your employees can connect and share in one integrated arena. For a start, check out this article about what social intranet programs are and what your next step should be.

Inadequate Technology

As we move into the future of business, it is becoming very apparent that we are moving away from traditional workplace structures and moving towards a more free-form approach, but this can’t happen unless you upgrade your tech – better computers, servers, devices, phone systems and workplace environments are needed to advance your business. According to a survey done by Dell and Intel, more than 80% of millennials surveyed say that workplace tech available to them would influence whether or not they accept a job!

How can software help? Thankfully, when you upgrade the technology used in your office, the software will more than likely be upgraded with it. Whether it’s the newest version of Windows or Microsoft Office products, better email services or product development, you can’t go wrong with upgrading the needed technology for your company.

Lack of Recognition

This issue should probably be closer to the top of the list! When your employees don’t feel as if their work is recognized or they’re not adequately appreciated, they will disengage much more easily, and productivity will take a nose dive. While verbally saying “thank you” is valued, sometimes it takes a little something extra to make your employees feel as if they mean something to you and your business.

How can software help? Surprisingly, there are a lot of software programs designated to bolster employee recognition. Whether you’re looking to reward your employees with gifts or experiences, or you would love to see peer-to-peer feedback, there is a software program to fit your needs.

No matter what issues your company may face when it comes to productivity, don’t be afraid to utilize some of the great software products available to you! And if changing up your workplace may help, and you’re in or around the Huntsville, AL area, consider Huntsville Hub for your dedicated or virtual workplace needs!