Is your small, Huntsville-based business outgrowing your home office? If you are feeling the tension of needing more space to operate your business than your home office affords, it may be time to weigh the options available for additional office space.

Another reason to consider Huntsville office space locations is for a convenient, professional space for meeting with clients and customers. There comes a point in business that a home office does not offer the right atmosphere for a business meeting.  

Renting or leasing traditional office space comes with some benefits, including private meeting space and a permanent address, which can give your business credibility in the eyes of some clients. However, there is also a hefty price tag that goes hand in hand with those benefits.

When considering the transition from your home office to a more professional Huntsville office space, it is important to consider the following costs of a traditional office:


Finding affordable office space in a place that projects the image you are aiming for may be an unattainable goal for a small business owner. That leaves you to either lower your standard of quality in a location or puts a strain on your budget.


Shifting from a home office to a traditional office will inevitably add commute time. Not only are you losing valuable time from your day, but you are also increasing the cost of car maintenance and gasoline or, depending on the size of the city, your cost for public transportation.


Once you have the space, you will need to furnish it. Unfortunately, with furniture you often get what you pay for. Quality furniture looks great and will last, but comes with a steep price tag. Opting for cheap furniture could end up costing more in the long run when it needs to be replaced sooner. Either way, it’s going to dig into your budget.

Staff or Time

If your new office space has a reception area you will either need to hire someone to welcome clients, answer the phone and handle other routine responsibilities. If your budget can’t handle another staff member, you will end up taking on these responsibilities yourself, taking time away from the things that actually make you money.

Unfortunately, traditional office space is expensive. For a small business, the overhead costs involved in a permanent, dedicated office space are huge. Unless your particular industry demands a physical location, you may want to consider sharing office space.   

Huntsville Hub offers a professional, fully furnished work environment that is significantly more affordable than a traditional office space. From executive offices to conference and meeting rooms to shared coworking spaces, Huntsville Hub has an office solution to suit the needs of your growing business. Our conveniently located Huntsville office space has a comfortable, upscale atmosphere that will showcase your business.

If you are only looking for the occasional meeting space, but want the perks of a professional business address, you may want to also consider a virtual office through Huntsville Hub. Find out more about the benefits of our virtual office here.